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The Gap Theory Page

The Satanic Rebellion: Background to the Tribulation

Radiometric Dating: A Christian Perspective

Perspectives on Science and Scripture - The Doorway Papers of Arthur Custance



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The Genesis Gap Doctrine (This website's Facebook group page)


Do you support the Gap Theory? - Bible Questions with Michael Pearl

Gen3, Earth RESTORED - Inspired Hebrew and Greek of Bible says EARTH (not the universe) was RESTORED (not initially created) in six literal (not figurative) days.



The book, "In the Beginnings" - by Steven E. Dill, D.V.M takes an in-depth look at both science and the Bible from the viewpoint of a trained Biologist. Its purpose is to show how the Gap Theory better fits the scientific and biblical facts as compared to Young Earth or Day-Age creation theories.

"Dispensational Truth" - the book by Clarence Larkin can now be read online.

The book, "The Bible, Genesis & Geology" - Rightly-Dividing the Holy Bible and Earth’s Geology to validate the Genesis Gap Doctrine of Creationism



Here is an informative eight-part series of papers on the Gap Theory by Tom McElmurry:

A Brief History of the Gap Theory of Creation - Paper 148A

The Gap Theory of God's Creation of the Earth - Paper 148B

The Gap Theory and Associated Fall of Satan from Heaven - Paper 148C

Satan's Sin as it Relates to the Gap Theory - Paper 148D

The Creation Gap Theory and Satan's Ability to Create Life - Paper 148E

Gap Theory Phases of the Earth - Paper 148F

The Gap Theory Flood and the Age of the Earth - Paper 148G

Gap Theory Continental Breakup ?When? - Paper 148H





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