The King James Bible


King David is Old, Adonijah's Usurpation, Solomon Appointed King
David Charges Solomon, Death of David, Joab Flees
Solomon's kingdom, Solomon Chooses Wisdom
Solomon's Judgment, Solomon's Wisdom
Hiram Furnishes Timber
The Temple is Built, Construction of the Temple, Decorating the Temple
Solomon's Palaces, Magnificent Furnishings, Furnishing the Temple
The Temple is Dedicated, Solomon's Prayer, Solomon Offers Sacrifices
God's Covenant
The Queen of Sheba, Solomon's Magnificence
Solomon's Idolatry, God's Anger, Punishment
Rehoboam's Folly
Jeroboam, The Prophet, Sin of Jeroboam
God's Punishment, Jeroboam Dies
Kings of Israel and Judah
Word of the Lord Against Baasha, Omri Builds Samaria
Elijah the Tishbite, The Widow's Son
Elijah's Test of Baal, Elijah's Triumph, Jezreel
Elijah in the Wilderness, Elijah Comforted
Syria Besieges Samaria, Syria Smitten, Ben-hadad Flees
Naboth's Vineyard, Naboth Killed
War with Syria, Micaiah, Ahab Dies, Jehoshaphat


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