The King James Bible


Ephraim, Hannah and Peninnah, The Birth of Samuel
Prayer of Hannah, Sons of Eli
The Lord calls Samuel
Israel Fights the Philistines, Death of Eli
Philistines Capture the Ark
Philistines Smitten
Samuel Addresses Israel, Israel Smites the Philistines
The People Want a King
Saul, Samuel and Saul
Samuel Anoints Saul, Israel at Mizpeh
Samuel Addresses Israel
Saul Sins
Jonathan, Saul Builds an Altar, Saul Smites His Enemies
Agag, Saul Repents, Samuel Kills Agag
Samuel Mourns for Saul, David
Goliath, David Kills Goliath
David and Jonathan, David and Michal
Saul's Evil Spirit
David Flees, David and Jonathan, Saul's Anger
The Hallowed Bread
Saul Harries David
David Goes to Keilah, David Hides
David at Engedi
Samuel Dies, Nabal, Abigail
Saul Hunts for David, David's Courage
David Flees
Achish, The Witch of Endor
David and Achish
David at Ziklag, Men of Belial
Philistines Fight Israel, Burial of Saul

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