The King James Bible


The Lord's Ascension From the Mount of Olives, Matthias Numbered with the Eleven Apostles
The Day of Pentecost, Peter's Sermon to the Men of Israel
Healing the Lame Man, Ye Men of Israel, Children of the Prophets
Five-Thousand Believe, The Rejected Stone
Ananias and Sapphira, Angel Frees Apostles from Prison, Counsel of Gamaliel
They Chose Stephen
The Sermon of Stephen, Stoning of Stephen, The Young Man Named Saul
Simon the Sorcerer, Philip and the Eunuch
Conversion of Saul, Saul and Barnabus, Raising Tabitha in Joppa
Cornelius the Centurion, Peter's Vision of the Great Sheet, The Holy Ghost upon the Gentiles
The Jerusalem Council, Disciples First Called Christians at Antioch
Persecution of Herod, Peter is Freed, Rhoda, Herod Eaten of Worms
Missionary Journey from Antioch, Elymas the Sorcerer, Paul's Sermon, Preaching in the Synagogue
Many Believed in Many Cities
Dispute Concerning Circumcision, Advice of James
Derbe and Lystra, Paul's Vision of the Man of Macedonia, Philippi, Baptism of Lydia, The Possessed Damsel, The Jailer
The Synagogue at Thessalonica, At Berea, Paul Goes to Athens, At Mars Hill
Paul in Corinth, Paul at Ephesus
Apollos at Corinth, Demetrius the Silversmith, The Uproar at Ephesus
Eutychus, Departure of Paul
Philip the Evangelist, Agabus the Prophet, Paul in Jerusalem, In the Temple
Paul's Defense, Paul's Testimony
Paul Before the Council, Felix the Governor
Accusation of Tertullus, Paul Reasons with Felix
Paul before Festus
Paul before Agrippa, Testimony of Paul
Sailing to Rome, Tempest at Sea, Shipwreck
On Island of Melita, Healing of Publius, Paul Arrives in Rome, Know that Salvation is Sent Unto the Gentiles


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