The King James Bible


The Creation and the Regeneration
The Garden of Eden, the four Rivers and Adam and Eve
The Temptation, the Fall, the Prophecy of the Woman's seed and the expulsion from the Garden
Cain and Abel and the birth of Seth
Generations of Adam
Wickedness of Man, Sons of God and Building of the Ark
The Flood
The Raven, the Dove and the Burnt Offerings
The Rainbow and God's Covenant with Noah
The Generations of Noah
Babel and the Confounding of Language
Abram Departs Egypt and God's Promise to Abram
Sodom and Gomorrah and Melchizedek king of Salem
Abram's Vision and God's Covenant with Abram
Sarai, Hagar and Ishmael
Covenant of Circumcision, Promise of Isaac
The Three Visitors and Abraham's Communing with the Lord for Sodom and Gomorrah
The Two Angels, Lot and Family Flee, Destruction of the City, Lot's Daughters
God's Promise to Sarah
Sacrifice of Isaac
Death of Sarah
Rebekah and Isaac
Abraham and his Sons, Abraham's Death, Esau and Jacob
Famine in the Land and God's Promise to Abraham is Confirmed to Isaac
Rebekah Deceives Isaac, Esau Hates Jacob
Promise to Jacob
Jacob Journeys, Laban's Daughters
Children of Leah, Jacob's Cattle
Jacob's Flocks, Jacob Flees, Laban's images
Jacob is Distressed, Jacob Wrestles
Jacob Meets Esau
Dinah, Simeon and Levi Kill Hamor and Shechem
Jacob Returns to Bethel
Generations of Esau
Generations of Jacob, Joseph's Dream, the Coat of Many Colors
Potiphar, Potiphar's Wife, Joseph in Prison
The Prisoner's Dreams
Pharaoh's Dream, the Interpretation, the Famine
Joseph and His Brethren
Israel sends Sons back to Egypt
 Joseph's Dealings with His Brethren, Benjamin's Sack
Joseph Reveals Himself to His Brethren
Israel in Egypt, Children of Israel
Land of Goshen, Famine in Egypt
Manasseh and Ephraim
Israel's Blessing
Death of Jacob, Death of Joseph

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