The King James Bible


After the Death of Joshua, the Lord is with Judah
Sins of Israel
Generations of Israel, Eglon of Moab
Deborah Judges
Song of Deborah
Midian Oppresses Israel, Gideon, the Fleece
Choosing the People, Gideon's Hundreds
Gideon Comes to Jordan, Gideon at Penuel
Abimelech, Parable of the Trees, Shechem, Death of Abimelech
Judges of Israel
Jephthah, Jephthah's Daughter
Death of Jephthah
Samson, Samson's Riddle
Samson's Foxes
Samson and Delilah, Delilah Tempts Samson, Death of Samson
The Spies Report, Sins of Dan
Sinful Times, Sons of Belial
Children of Belial, Children of Benjamin, The Lord Smites Benjamin
Offerings Given, Feast at Shiloh


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