The King James Bible


The Beginning of the Gospel of Jesus Christ, Fishers of Men
Take Up Thy Bed, Lord of the Sabbath
Calling the Disciples
Parable of the Sower, Teaching in Parables
Healing of the Gadarene, Daughter of Jairus
Teaching in the Synagogue, Mission of the Twelve, Death of John the Baptist
The Scribes and Pharisees, Healing the Deaf Man
Feeding the Multitudes, Thou Art the Christ
Mount of Transfiguration, Miracle of Faith, Suffer the Children
One Thing Thou Lackest, Treasure in Heaven
Preparing the Passover, The Triumphal Entry
Parable of the Vineyard, The Great Commandment, Beware of the Scribes
The Great Tribulation
The Feast of the Passover, The Alabaster Box, The Last Supper, Night in Gethsemane, Peter's Denial
Trial of Jesus, The Crucifixion of Jesus
Resurrection of Jesus, Jesus is Received up into Heaven


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