The Hermeneutics of Genesis 1:2

In this short 10-Minute animated video presentation we explain why the current debate between the "Theory of Evolution" and "Creationism" is actually a Satanic Distraction from the important details of Biblical Truth concerning the creation of all things.  We illustrate this by a closer look at the hermeneutics of Genesis 1:2 which shows that the Earth already existed before the seven-days of Genesis, we explain why the Earth was 'without form and void' at that time, what the 'darkness' signified and the reason why God made two great divisions (between light and darkness & between the waters below and above the firmament) at the very beginning of the seven-days creative process. And we will explain the significance of 'death' in the Earth's ancient geological record and why this is key to unraveling the mysteries of an Old Earth, Geology and the Biblical record.




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