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The Kingdom in History and Prophecy

The ‘Kingdom’ is a theme that runs through the entirety of Biblical chronology from the book of Genesis to Revelation. It is upon the backbone of this central theme that the Scripture narrative is constructed and how the King of Kings is revealed to man and glorified. The knowledge of the Kingdom is central to core prophetic doctrine. Within the unfolding of this knowledge are found the dispensational ages of how God has dealt with mankind in the past, how He is dealing with them now and how He will deal with man and the creation in the future. To rightly-divide these dispensational truths requires a thorough knowledge of the Kingdom in history and eschatology, and this correct knowledge is required of the minister of God’s word in order to faithfully and effectively communicate the Word of God to both the saved and lost. When the whole word of God is communicated factually and precisely, the Holy Spirit will witness to it in the power and holiness of God.

The links below are to a complete work "The Kingdom in History and Prophecy" by the late Lewis Sperry Chafer. The work dates from 1915 and is in the public domain. Regardless, it is 100% relevant for the Christian today as it helps clarify the doctrinal differences between the terms 'Kingdom of Heaven' and 'Kingdom of God' as found within the four Gospels. It is a very exhaustive and comprehensive study, but well worth the effort. I recommend you bookmark this index and plan to spend a considerable amount of time and prayer ingesting this study.

These lessons have been transcribed from the original .pdf document format to HTML5 for desktop and mobile browser reading. There is a link at the bottom of each page to download and save the original .pdf document to your desktop computer.


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