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Doctrine - The King James Bible says WHAT?

Welcome to the "Hard Nuts to Crack" Doctrine Seminary

This is an on-going series of articles with new ones published on a periodic basis. Check back frequently for the latest additions.

Topics of Discussion:

The major Doctrines of the Christian faith:

The Doctrine of Man

The Doctrine of the Bible

The Doctrine of Sin

The Doctrine of Salvation

The Doctrine of the Church

The Doctrine of the Trinity

The Doctrine of Satan

The Doctrine of Angels


Comprehensive Studies:

Doctrines of Grace

The Book of Romans

The Kingdom in History and Prophecy

How We Got Our Bible and Why We Believe It Is God's Word


Selected Topics:

The Prophecy of the Woman and the Seeds

Who was Judas Iscariot?

Here is Wisdom - Revelation 13:18 (666)

Parting of the Red Sea - Take 2






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